Gel Documentation Systems


Gel Documentation Systems

LiveGELTM Imager is an innovation by Medox Biotech designed and developed after extensive research and evaluation to suit the needs of our customers. High resolution cameras provide vivid images with sharp bands. The special "pull-out" tray design enables easy placement of the gel and its subsequent capture.

M.S. Powder coated Dark Room Cabinet for Gel Doc System with cooling fan, Highly Durable, DPST switches with indicators for power, Epi-white light and UV By pass, UV safe door switch, Drawer Type pull out UVT Tray, Camera Hood with canon EOS1500D camera, Power cords, camera stand, Image capturing software & USB cable

Ordering Information
Cat.No Product Units
MX-2140-01 MEDOX® Gel Documentation System Set
MX-2140-05 MEDOX® Gel Documentation System Advanced Set
MX-2140-05 MEDOX® Gel Documentation System Advanced with “Live Gel Viewer” Set

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